Elastic Wit Studios


Paddle Pop

Each year, Elastic Wit Studios works closely with Unilever to design and produce a fully developed and customer-focused movie DVD, that ties in with their annual Lick-A-Prize campaign.  Starting with a 110min animated movie created by Monk Studios in Thailand, staring Paddle Pop Lion and his fellow adventurers, the action packed DVD includes advanced character engagement concepts, reward-driven interactive challenges and for the upcoming Dinoterra release Elastic Wit Studios has designed a Smartphone/Tablet companion app.

 “Working with Ron and the Elastic Wit team to produce the Paddle Pop movie DVDs is always an energising experience. The team add value to our products by bringing fresh and innovative thinking to each aspect of the production, which translates into an even richer experience for kids.

Elastic Wit Studios is my first choice for producing the Paddle Pop movie DVDs (with 800,000+ distribution in 2012) as I can always depend on their strong collaborative spirit, dedication to delivery and passion for excellence in what they produce.” – Charlie Roe, Assistant Brand Manager, Streets Ice Cream