Elastic Wit Studios


Crowded House

Without doubt one of Elastic Wit’s biggest and most exciting undertakings to date; Crowded House’s ‘Farewell to the World’ DVD.  The team was pretty sure they’d created something special but were blown away by the band’s response to the final product:

“The whole package inside and out is beautifully designed and will really enhance the bands legacy I feel.  I know the fans will love it too! So a huge thank you to all of you people because I know it was a labour of love and it really looks like it.”

Best regards, Neil (Finn)

Such a cool project to be part of, it all started with the belief that the use of original material was of paramount importance and that this material, which was up to 10 years old in some cases, had stood the test of time.  Elastic Wit Studios was responsible for the bulk of the DVD’s development including proposing the use of unreleased music to accompany the dual-soundtrack photo gallery; production of a new 2 hour commentary recording by the band; production of a brand new documentary and the creation of a 3D stage environment as the menu system.  All original vision was re-mastered to 16:9 widescreen and new sound mixes were created including 5.1 DTS.

Elastic Wit Studios worked with EMI Music UK.  The title was distributed throughout Europe, North and South American, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.