Elastic Wit Studios



Some Kind of Wonderful is Elastic Wit Studios’ most challenging film project to date – and it really kept us on our toes!  A mainstream cinematic release, with an audience spanning pre-school kids all the way through to their Mums and Dads, getting the balance right between light documentary, star-search and sheer upbeat fun was never going to be easy.  Under the incredible supervision of Hi’5′s Executive Creative Director, we think we did it!

Hi-5 formed in 1999 and have been leading the way in kid’s entertainment ever since.  When it came to casting 3 new members, Elastic Wit Studios was asked to produce the movie, from pre-production concepts to post production HD brilliance, as 50 young hopefuls danced, sang and acted their way into the judges’ shortlist.

Shot on RED, this multi-cam film project was completed in record time movie.

“This was a mammoth undertaking which had to be turned around and delivered in a matter of weeks from the final shoot day. Under immense time line pressure Ron and his team not only met the deadline but produced an outstanding film which has been applauded by the biggest film critics in the country as well as our pre-schooler audience and their families who incidentally can be the toughest audiences of all!” - Julie Greene, Executive Creative Director Hi-5

Some Kind of Wonderful opened in Australia and NZ through the Hoyts Cinema chain in time for the Easter holidays 2013 with plans to release in Asia and South America.  Hi-5 Management will then consider Europe and North America.